4 Super Easy Glitch Effects (No Plugins) | Final Cut Pro X Tutorial

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Hi guys, today I'll show you guys FOUR EASY Glitch Effects for Final Cut Pro X (FCPX). FREE & NO PLUGINS required!
The First glitch effect is just a normal glitch effect, with bad TV and Prism effects from FCPX.
The Second glitch effect here is an enhanced version of the first glitch effect (Inspired by KingTutsPro~ go check out his channel too!), with an extra clip needed (TV VHS Glitch Overlay: ). This one adds more colour and effect on our glitch.
The last two glitch effects are actually for subtitles, that can be easily found on FCPX. the first one is super easy and quick, however, it is very applicable to all videos, including Vlog and Music Videos. The last one is to simply copy the glitch effects (bad TV and prism) onto the subtitles.

I'll show you guys the whole process in creating these glitch effects in FCPX, step by step. These effects are also Vlog or MV glitch effects that you can use (without plugins) that you can apply easily.

Title: Lovable Clown Sit Com
Artist: Sir Cubworth
Genre: Children's Music
Mood: Happy Music
Length: 1:59
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