5 Training Exercises To Make You A Stronger Crack Climber

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We take you through 5 simple training exercises that will make you a stronger crack climber.

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Exercise 1: The The Arm Bar and Shoulder Bar hang
example reps and sets for Shoulder Bar:
- (7 second intensity, 3 second rest) x 6. 1 min rest. repeat 3 times
- repeat the above 3 - 5 times with 5+ minutes rest between

example reps and sets for Arm Bar:
- 5 second max hang. 1-2 min rest. repeat 3 times
- repeat the above 3 - 5 times with 5 minutes rest between

Exercise 2: Calf Lock sit ups
- Make the exercise easier, stand further away from the wall
- make the exercise easier, stand closer to the wall

Exercise 3: Knee Bar side to side sit ups
example reps and sets:
- weight of your choice depending on ability
- 5 reps each side. 2 minute rest. repeat 4 times
- repeat the above 3 times. (60 rotations in total)

Exercise 4: Crack Transfer Drill
- make the exercise easier, move the cracks closer together
- make the exercise harder, make the jams more difficult for example thin hand jams

Exercise 5: Jamming to normal face climbing pump transfer
example reps and sets:
- 5 minutes of crack climbing to gain a pump
- followed by 1 minute on the crack trainer face holds

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