Air Conditioned Server Rack! - Tripp Lite SRCOOL7KRM Testing

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The install is complete and WOW! The Tripp Lite SRCOOL7KRM did exactly what I reducing the air temp inside my server rack to acceptable levels without adding much noise.

But What am I drinking???


*Danger Zone IPA!*

A massive shoutout to Tripp Lite for sending over the SRCOOL7KRM and ducting kit to make this project possible.

Check out the Tripp Lite SRCOOOL7KRM on Amazon:
Duct Kit for SRCOOL7KRM:
iPower 190CFM Duct Blower:
4" Dryer Vent:
15mil Vinyl Sheeting:

Here's that sick Cloud LED sign:

Other parts from my
Ubiquiti UniFi UDM-Pro Firewall/Switch/NVR -
Ubiquiti UniFi USW-24-PoE Gen2 Switch:
SuperMicro SC846 24-Bay Chassis:
Ubiquiti UniFi nanoHD:
Ubiquiti UniFi AC-PRO:
Ubiquiti UniFi Security Gateway:
Mikrotik CSS326-24G-2S+RM 1/10-Gig switch:
Mikrotik CRS328-24P-4S+RM 24-Port PoE+ 1/10-Gig switch:
8-Port VGA KVM Switch with USB and Remote:
HGST He8 8TB SAS Disk:

Find the parts I recommend on my Amazon store:

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