Bowser's Fury - All 100 Cat Shine Locations Walkthrough

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Location Walkthrough for all 100 Cat Shines (+ All Shards) in Bowser's Fury for the Nintendo Switch.


Intro 00:00
Scamper Shores 00:43
Fort Flaptrap 06:19
Pounce Bounce Isle 11:10
Slipskate Slope 17:55
Ruins Giga Bell 26:30
Clawswipe Colosseum 31:32
Trickity Tower 40:14
Crisp Climb Castle 45:25
Risky Whisker Island 01:00:08
Pipe Path Tower 01:05:41
Mount Magmeow 01:13:29
Wasteland Giga Bell 01:22:51
Roiling Roller Isle 01:28:18


Fur Step Island 01:35:43
Lucky Island + Post Game Cat Shines 01:39:40

Remember that there are many Cat Shines around the World
Map that aren't inside any level, to find them in this guide
we have included them in the transitions between each level
so if your looking for any specific one check the Timestamp
of whichever island it is closest to.

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