Bowser's Fury ALL MISSING CAT LOCATIONS! Cat Shines for finding hidden kittens [Guide/ Walkthrough]

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Here are all of the hidden/ missing cats that you need for Cat Shines in Bowser's Fury (with TIMESTAMPS), from the new Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury on the Nintendo Switch! If you're wondering where these little missing cats are, I hope this guide helps you find those cats and get those Cat Shines :D

At Lakeside Giga Bell, you might have noticed a large, crying white/ brown/ orange cat! If you bring over the kitten to the bigger cat, you get a Cat Shine! There are also big crying cats at the Ruins Giga Bell (which needs 3 missing kittens) and the Wastelands Giga Bell (which needs 5 missing kittens). Here is a guide on where to find all of the missing kittens and get the cat shines that these crying cats have to offer!


Lakeside 1 - 0:00
Ruins 1 - 0:13
Ruins 2 - 0:23
Ruins 3 - 1:17
Wastelands 1 - 1:38
Wastelands 2 - 2:09
Wastelands 3 - 2:37
Wastelands 4 - 3:16
Wastelands 5 - 3:30

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