Dodge Action 3D Gameplay Walkthrough

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Just like you dodge all your problems in real life!!! You need to dodge all the bullets from your enemies!!!!!
Once you dodge them you get to kill them too!!!!!

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About The Game :
Avoid the bullet barrage

Time to enter physics bending action. How good are your reflexes? Be like the One and dodge the oncoming bullet onslaught from the enemies trying to take you down. Unfortunately, for the bad guys, you are the dodging master. Nothing can hit you! Not bullets, not axes, not spears. You are as quick as a cat. Use your spider like senses to predict your next movement.

Swipe left, swipe right, swipe down to avoid anything coming at you. You will feel like you are in an alternate reality as you bend time and space. This game will leave you wondering - what is real life?

Game Features:
1. Simple but addicting mechanics
Swipe left and right to dodge bullets. Amazing controls at your fingertips.

2. Amazing Physics
Realistic physics will make you feel the impact as you dodge or get hit by bullets

3. Keep on upgrading!
So many unique characters for you to obtain. How do you want to look?

4. Relax and enjoy
Are we living or is this a computer simulation? Doesn’t matter when you play this game.

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