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World of tanks console review of the Foch 155 - Wot Console update review of the french tier 10 tank destroyer for you world of tanks ps4 and wot xbox one tankers! Amazing foch 155 gameplay on world of tanks console!

Checkout more wot console update news and update info on my channel which focuses on world of tanks (ps4 and xbox one consoles) and shows off the best tanks at each tier in wot. This Tank is amazing on console and you certainly wont want to forget about it! Let me know what you think about this french tank on wot console and about what you think of the new update coming to console world of tanks! Subscribe for more wot console content on this channel.

I regularly make wot console videos on my channel and produce wot gameplay review and best tank vids alongside the regular update news on world of tanks. Hope you enjoy and I'll see you on tanks console real soon!

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