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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is taking the gaming world by storm and it's my turn to jump into the fray! Join me and play this frantic game with me! This is our first stream so please be patient as we sort out the best way to include you, the viewer, into the fun!

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Stream Commands:

!commands - Shows the stream commands
!a (code) - Add your Super Mario Maker 2 Level Code to the list
!leave - Remove your Super Mario Maker Level 2 Code from the list
!give (username) (amount giving) - Give Bacon Soup to other user
!soup - Tells you how much Bacon Soup you currently own
!rank - Tells you your current rank on Bang Bang Potato streams
!uptime - Tells you how long the current stream has been live.
!quote - Displays a random video game quote :)
!q - Your position in the queue line.
!epic - Displays Tonic's Epic Creator Code
!spudsquad: Details on how to become a member of the Spud Squad!

Stream Minigame Commands:

!dice {bet} - Dice Roll Game (30 Second Cooldown Per Use)
!challenge - Challenge another viewer to a duel. Costs 5000 Bacon Soup. Winner takes all Bacon Soup. 10 minute cooldown
!raffle 50000 - Raffle Mini Game. You must type in the whole command as show. Wager is 50000 Bacon Soup, Winner Take All!
!steal - Steal 2000-4000 Bacon Soup from a random viewer.
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