Head massage with Neck Crack / 20 Min continuous Skin Crack | Relaxing ASMR

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Hello guys and welcome to my channel ASMR Massages. I explore Indian barbar community and their massage skills. Please support me to grow my channel and i promise I will visit new places and explore the culture and massage skill from different part of India. I hope you will like My work. All new barbers are here and you never see them before In any other channel.
About this particular massage:
Massure name- Abhijit
Model name- Mukul
Description- Abhijit is master of skin cracking. His skin crack technique is super awesome. In this video you will get 20 minutes of skin crack. Skin crack is very relaxing method of massage & you will feel sleepy.
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Note: This is all original work of ASMR Massages. Please Feel free to comment below.
Thank you for spending Your precious time On my channel. Hope you enjoyed.
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