Hercules The Action Game Walkthrough : Level 8 - Titan Flight

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Hercules The Action Game is based on the Disney movie "Hercules", just as the movie is based on the legend - it sounds like the recipe for disaster, but to tell you the truth this is a good game - damn good ! Continuing the legacy of other awesome Disney games made by Virgin Entertainment, Hercules is 3D action-adventure game released for both the PSX and the PC. You play as Herc, obviously, whose mission is to go "from zero to hero". The game follows the movie pretty well: the levels, enemies and themes are all based on the movie and even some voices are taken right from it, particularly Danny DeVito as Philoctetes, the satyr who follows Herc in the training levels and nags you for making mistakes or wasting time. The game even has cutscenes taken right from the film and they look really good for the time (unlike the Sega CD *nudge* *nudge*) though I wish they would've included more of the 5 muses, particularly the "zero to hero" song, which was the highlight of the whole movie. As Hercules, your job is to get from the beginning of each level to the end. Standing in your way are various enemies, traps and even bosses you'll have to fight, like the centaur, the cyclops and of course Hades himself at the end. Most of the levels are in side-scrolling fashion, but there are also 3 third-person autoscrolling levels,where you can't stop or turn around and you have to steer Herc around the obstacles and enemies. You have a lot of attacks: Herc can punch, uppercut, and use a variety of swords which you collect along the way. Controlling Herc is OK, although I do feel a slight slipperiness when trying to steer in mid air after jumping or leaping off a ledge. Other than that, no problems: really easy to move Herc around and beat the sh!t out of everything. The animation on the characters is well done and the levels are well detailed, my favorite in that respect being the Thebes level. Each level has hidden letters to spell the word "HERCULES". Find them all and if you lose all your lives you can continue from the last level you died on, rather than having to start from the first level again. They're usually hidden inside holes in the ground which you open up by jumping and then hitting "down" in mid air where you see cracks. After 3 stomps the ground opens up revealing a hidden room with goodies and possibly one of the letters too. Speaking of which, other items include the "Herculade" drink which replenishes some of your health, the Hercules action figure which extends your life bar, 3 types of swords (lightning, fire and tornado), an invincibility helmet which prevents taking damage from enemies when equipped, and finally urns which represent pieces of the password for the next level - there are 4 of these in each level. Find them all and at the end of the level you're given the password. On the PSx you also have the option to save your game after beating a level, whereas on the PC you have to write down the symbols on each of the urns. I would've liked the game to follow the movie a bit closer as far as the bosses are concerned: in the movie, Hercules kills the Hydra by punching the side of a mountain, causing rocks to collapse onto the monster. You don't get to do this in the game- you just keep slicing off the Hydra's heads until its energy is drained and a boulder falls onto it automatically. Then there's the Cyclops, another disappointing level: you just get to the end of the auto scrolling level and a scene from the movie shows Herc defeating the Cyclops by throwing a flaming stick into his eye. That was some proper violence for a Disney movie - wouldn't you like to be able to do that in the game yourself ? The best of all boss fights is the centaur: you get to ride on his back and also punch him in the face like Herc did in the movie - so satisfying. Also, although this is REALLY nitpicking now, how about being able to play as other characters, not just Hercules ? I know there's not much they could have done for Meg or Phil in the game, but seeing how they deviated from the movie by having Herc fighting the Medusa, they could've improvised something (in the greek mythology, Perseus is the one who fights the Medusa, not Herc). A bit of trivia here is that this game came out in 1997; 2 years later, 1999, another Disney game hit the scene, which was Tarzan The Action Game: it's nearly identical in terms of gameplay to Hercules and it actually has other playable characters thrown in, so we could cut Hercules some slack as far as the characters are concerned, since it came before Tarzan, thus allowing the producers to know what flaws should be ironed over in the future. Other than that, the game is awesome: great graphics, soundtracks from the movie, Danny DeVito (!), nice sound effects, smooth controls and overall a lot of fun ! Try it out !
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