How CosmicPvP Codes Their Server! (Coding Custom Minecraft Plugins)

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How CosmicPvP Codes Their Server! (Coding Custom Minecraft Plugins Undercover operation)

If you did not know already I have actually been working undercover for the cosmic pvp developer team. So in this video I will code a custom enchant completely from scratch and then test it out! I hope you all enjoy my brief codding montage, custom enchant testing and my minecraft server work.

All jokes aside my classes just ended and I want to continue developing my java programming skills so I decided the best way would be to practice coding Minecraft plugins since Minecraft uses Java. My goal is to get java programing stored in my long term memory so I can move on to the next language without forgetting this one. Since tons of people have been asking me to come back to cosmic I thought that this video would be a fun jab / meme so I hope you all enjoyed. If anyone of you have a future video suggests leave please let me know in the comment section!
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