How To Build Your Own Wireguard VPN Server in The Cloud

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⏱️ Timestamps ⏱️
0:00 Wireguard Intro
1:24 What is Wireguard
1:42 Wireguard Formal Cryptography Verification
2:08 Known Limitations of The Wireguard VPN
4:09 Tailscale Commercial Wireguard VPN Solution
4:48 Wireguard Deep Packet Inspection and Obfuscation
6:00 Wireguard & Hardware Crypto
6:48 Creating the Digital Ocean Wireguard Droplet
8:30 Preparing the Ubuntu Wiregaurd Server
8:54 Enable IP Forwarding
9:48 Installing Wireguard
10:10 Creating the Public & Private Keys
11:12 Creating the Wiregaurd interface wg0 on the Server
14:06 Configure Clients & Peer Settings
16:36 Wireguard full routing VS Split Tunnel settings
17:48 How to Configure Wireguard to start on Bootup
18:50 Persistent Wireguard Keep Alive Settings
20:50 How Wireguard Creates Interfaces
23:00 Testing wireguard and full tunneling
27:00 Configuring Windows Wireguard Clients
32:30 Wireguard Inter client Communication
34:07 My Final Thoughts on Wireguard
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