I Made An Entire Orchestral Trap Beat With Free Plugins

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This week I made an entire orchestral trap beat with a handful of samples and 6 free plugins. Follow along and learn how you can make epic orchestral trap tracks of your own!

Here’s all the samples I used to make this track:
Melodic Lofi Hiphop:
King Chop Kit:
How The Dark Gets In:
The Plug 808:

Here’s all the plug-ins I used to make this track:
Orchestral VST’s:
Valhalla Supermassive:
Surge Synthesizer:

00:00 Picking out starter samples
01:16 Automating the filter to create a riser
01:39 Building a string pad with The Free Orchestra and Supermassive
02:16 Adding a piano pad with Spitfire LABS and The Free Orchestra
03:10 Adding textures with cinematic samples
04:10 Designing the drop with a riser sample and a beat switch
05:25 Building a string and piano part based on a sample
08:01 Creating the drum part with Young Chop’s sample pack
08:45 Working with an 808 sample
09:42 Adding a horn and choir part with Spitfire BBC Symphony Orchestra
11:46 Adding cinematic hits and one-shots
13:12 Writing in a break down part


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