I'm back! ITZY reacts magic again | 210530 마.피.아 in the morning fansign event

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*Special Thanks to : & macaryeong & ITZY & MIDZY

Finally! I upload the 210530 ITZY offline fansign event

by 마.피.아. In the morning promotion

I performed magic all of members.

It was really precious time.

Please enjoy my video:)

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[product what I used]
1. Pulse frame & Heart sponge ball
2. Black door by Reccardo Berdini
3. Scotch & Soda by Roy Kueppers
4. Devils Hankercheif by Bazar
5. Frozen magic book by Tenyo
6. Frozen magic pendant by Tenyo

* I was buying these items myself.

- My English isn`t good enough but I tried my best.
- Business E-mail: netyjoon@
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