Letting AI Plugins Write, Mix, and Master a Song ???? | feat iZotope Neutron, Ozone, and Captain Cho

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Hey internet! Today we're here for an experiment! What happens if we let AI Plugins and tools write, mix and master a song? Liquid DnB apparently.

In this video, we'll be using tools that use AI to allow the computer to more or less write a song for us with Captain Chords and Captain Plugins, as well as the amazingly powerful AI mixing and mastering tools from iZotope Neutron and iZotope Ozone!

▼▼▼Captain Plugins▼▼▼

▼▼▼iZotope Plugins▼▼▼

▼▼▼Melody Sauce▼▼▼

0:00 What We're Doing Today
0:42 Background
2:05 Trigger Warning
2:47 Assorted Existentialism
3:19 Sponsor Shout Outs
4:28 AI Chord Progressions
6:34 Chord Machine
8:16 Adding Bass
9:11 Probabalistic Arps
9:50 AI Melodies
10:34 Arrangement
11:41 Drums
15:35 Sound Selections
17:23 AI Mixing Attempt 1
18:44 AI Mix Review
20:16 Fixing the Problem
20:55 AI Track Mixing
23:01 AI Mixing Summary
23:51 AI Mixing Attempt 2
25:07 AI Mix 2 Review
25:55 Mastering with AI
26:58 Final Product
28:47 My Conclusions
30:47 Closing Thoughts

Stay classy!

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