Maquette Platinum Guide | Full 32min Walkthrough (Speedrun & Trophies)

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Full 100% platinum walkthrough for Maquette, the PS5 PS Plus game for March 2021.
Speedrun times needed for each level:
Gardens - 3m 0s
Maquette - 4m 10s
Gateways - 4m 35s
Wedge - 9m 50s
Escape - 4m 20s
Spiral - 6m 40s
Exchange - 5m 25s
You can pause your game and the timer will stop for your speedrun. So if you need to, pause your game and watch the video to learn what to do to stay on track for your speedrun trophy.

00:00 - Gardens
03:03 - Maquette (Breakout)
07:27 - Gateways (Crew Creatures)
12:33 - Wedge
20:20 - Escape
24:01 - Spiral (Into the Darkness)
29:05 - Exchange (Run, Move, Run!)
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