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Thank you Square Enix for providing me with a review copy of Marvel's Avengers!
Marvel's avengers game review. So I've been covering this game since it's announcement in 2017 and it seems like a fever dream to have all of these amazing heroes finally playable in a triple A title. If you were to travel back into the past and tell me that this game would be an actual thing I'd laugh in your face. Because superhero games usually don't get that level of production especially with roster of insanely unique characters. They're constantly at the mercy of rushed deadlines and developers usually lean on brand recognition to skate by. But the talented team at Crystal Dynamics has turned this stigma on its head and reassured us that the future looks bright for this ambitious venture. What's up guys? RBG here, bringing you my review of Marvel's Avengers. And I gotta give a big thank you to Square Enix for providing me with an early review copy of this game. If you've been following my coverage for this particular title then you know that it's been a crazy ride. You've heard my excitement as well as my apprehension on what's to come with Marvel's Avengers. Given the insane amount of flavor profiles that Square Enix promised with it seemed like it'd be too much of a tall order to deliver. Not to mention that things seemed to get a little cold in terms of actual details. Many people have asked what exactly is this game? Or why is the description for it so confusing? And in order to get those answers I emplore you to play the game and figure it out for yourself. This isn't me shilling or anything because it does have it's issues. But the positives far outweigh the negatives. In a time where the box office juggernaut that is the MCU has gone silent. And the global pandemic has enshrouded our lives in darkness. We absolutely needed this game to light a fire of hope.

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