Memes Of My Discord Server 6 [Link To Join In The Description]

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So my Discord server reached 55k members, thank you everyone. All of these memes are based on the server, its members, and events so if you aren't a member it is probably hard to get any of these. If you'd like to join yourself you can using this link:

Also here is some vocabullary to help you try understand these memes:
Lemomeme = Name of the server
Fruits = People with the default role, generally disliked.
Neverending = Role for the most active members
Staff = Admins and moderators. Enforce the rules of the server
warn = Warning for breaking rules. Too many warns lead to a ban
Snitch = Someone who reports people who break rules to staff
#hub = The main chatting channel
#management = Channel for logging warnings, kicks, and bans
#no-life = Channel for people level 40 or higher
#server-memes = Channel for submitting server-related memes. All memes featured in this video were submitted here
Orange = Admin of the server
Apple = Moderator of the server

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