[Minecraft] Fairy's Mushroom Cottage ????????‍♀️ | Building A Server Spawn with CIT Resource Packs

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On a corner of a quaint little town where you spawn for the first time, a strange cottage sits. The neighbors tell you a fairy moved in a bit ago, but she was a tad bit confused about human roofs and thus: an alive growing mushroom roof! ????????

【Interested in joining my Java Cottagecore server?】
Join me on Discord for more information:

【Social Media】
※ FAQ + mods/packs & socials:
※ My Discord:
※ Streamed while probably using copyrighted music:
※ WIP builds and smaller videos on TikTok: @blisschen_
※ Request a build or style: or #build-request on Discord ()

with Optifine
Full FAQ + links:

※ You cannot use CIT packs on Bedrock/Pocket Edition/Console Minecraft.
※ CIT packs require Optifine to work. Only for and below.

【Resource Packs】
- Mizuno’s 16craft & Mizuno's CIT
- Ghoulcraft CIT [Megapack]
- BetterLeaves
- cactuarplush's Cherrycraft
- JadenXgamer's Invisible Item Frames for

- BSL Shaders
- Sildur’s Vibrant Shaders (Extreme Volumetric)

【Fabric for 】
- Illuminations
- Traverse
- Terrestria
- Cinderscapes
- Phosphor
- Delicious Dishes
- Mod Menu for Fabric
- ReplayMod for Fabric
- Optifabric
- WorldEdit

- Music provided by Epidemic Sound
- Need Twitch/Youtube music and want to support my channel? |
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