My 7 Top Waves Plugins For The Master Buss

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In this video I look at my 7 top choices for mastering with Waves plugins. These 7 Waves plugins are great to add onto your master buss or master track. Check out the current deals on Waves Plugins here

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????Waves Plugins Mentioned in this Video:????
► 0:00 Intro
► 0:53 GW Mixcentric -
► 1:57 Waves L2 Ultramaximizer -
► 2:39 Abbey Road J37 Tape -
► 3:47 Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain -
► 4:44 Waves S1 Stereo Imager -
► 5:36 CLA Mixdown -
► 6:53 Abbey Road Studio 3 -

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About this video
In this video Zane from Simple Green Tech looks at some of the best options for mastering with Waves plugins. Create a master track chain of 2, 3 or maybe even more of these 7 Waves Plugins and you can create a track that sounds polished and of pro quality. You may not want to add all of these Waves plugins to your master buss at the same time but pick and choose the ones you think you like and add what you need. The Waves Plugins that I look at in this video are: GW Mixcentric, Waves L2 Ultramaximizer, Waves S1 Stereo imager, Abbey Road J37 Tape, Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain, CLA Mixdown, and Abbey Road Studio 3. These are great Waves plugins for mastering or adding to your master track and some of them can make it very easy for you to dial in your sound. If you want to check out even more Waves plugins reviews be sure to subscribe to Simple Green Tech on YouTube.

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