New Full HE 155 Feels STUPID! ???? World of Tanks AMX Foch 155 Full HE Gameplay Update 1.13

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World of Tanks AMX 50 Foch 155 With New HE Shells - Patch Update - New Equipment Gameplay. World of Tanks Foch 155 New HE Gameplay. World of Tanks Update
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00:00 Introduction
01:05 Setup
02:50 Announcement
04:42 First Battle
08:55 Second Battle
12:30 Third Battle
17:30 Conclusion
18:30 Announcement Details

► NEW HE on Type 5 Heavy:
► The Indestructibe Type 5 Heavy Equipment Build:
► Maximum Best View Range Build:
► The Most Accurate Derp Build:
► The Most Aggressive Tank Build:
► The Deadliest Sniper Grille 15 Build:
► FV4005 Stage II Sniper Equipment Build Setup:
► Overpowered Artillery build equipment setup:
► The Fastest Maus Speed Build Setup:
► EBR 105 Broken Spotting Build:
► Stealth Fighter ELC Even 90 Maximum Camo Build:

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Today I am going to show you what you have been asking How is full HE Foch 155 performing on the test server with new HE-Shells. Many of the shots are definitely going to surprise you alot!

Enjoy the show!
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- French AMX 50 Foch 155, Tier 10 Tank Destroyer
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