Patch 1.101 Dev Server Sneak Peek - War Thunder Weekly News

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Looks like the patch is not

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0:00 Intro
0:15 AIM-7 Sparrows for the F-4E
2:49 Razorback P-47
3:04 USS Northampton
3:11 TAM 2C
3:51 T-72 (1989)
4:32 T-72B3
5:40 Cy-6
5:59 Su-7BKL (I was right you dame weeb)
8:08 Pr. 50
8:24 Brit Bong P-47
8:40 Chi-Ha LG
9:31 Akebono
9:45 Q-5 Early
10:05 CM25
10:28 Zara
10:45 B17BS
10:56 Strv 104
11:30 Favorite Loadouts
11:53 Shell Volume
13:11 Naval Mines
13:35 Pen Analysis
13:42 Outro
15:10 Bonus News
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