#Shorts UAF Huge Alien Creature or UFO Moving With Near Speed Of Light On Moon Burrowing Underground

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#Shorts Igor Kryan channel has a super strong telescope in Arizona desert pointed on the moon and night sky that is video recording every night. So far we have recorded over dozens of very strange phenomena like this one that we will be posting on our channel. We need your help to ID this Unidentified Areal Phenomena on the Moon. Igor Kryan channel filmed this incredible video from Arizona desert in 2021 on the moon. To a naked this Alien Object is almost not visible but with 1000s times magnification we can see giant size of moon UFO and incredible alien activity on earth satellite. This phenomenon was never recorded by anyone else but our channel only. We will publish hundreds of recordings we made with our own advanced cameras from night vision to 50,000 magnification of sky, moon and mars - subscribe to see and help to explain them. Also read Igor Kryan book NASA Secret Files: From Sex in Space To Alien Encounters
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