The Top 5 Must Have Final Cut Pro Plugins

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The top 5 must have Final Cut Pro X plugins that elevate brands in 2021

After finishing editing a project what comes next? What can be done to make the film even more polished and professional looking?

How can one stand out from the crowd and make their video and brands stand out form the crowd and look unique?

In all the videos I’ve watched on YouTube, barring having great content and subject material it is the:

- Graphics
- Animations
- Sound quality
- Color grading

That really stands out to me and makes the content even MORE engaging.

That’s why I love to spend time exploring effects to see how they can take my films to the next level.

Always experimenting with filmmaking tools, customizing effects to make them fit with my style or simply improving my workflow and delivering sooner.

‘Cause ain’t everybody got all the time in the world to be frig diggin around with functions and buttons!’

Time is money and these can turn tasks that take up to 2 hours into 15 minute pieces of cake.

In this video you’ll discover the Final Cut Pro plugins that let you do more than what you could before, to the point where you’ll be able to pull off stuff that normally would require you to go into Motion or After Effects.

With these you’ll get better collaboration, grid animation, audio sweeting, 3D motion tracking and color grading.

These are the Top 5 for 2021:

#5 FrameIO
#4 Grid by LenoFX
#3 ERA 5 Bundle by Accusonus
#2 MTracker 3D by MotionVFX ,mtracker-3d,
#1 Cinema Grade

The Cinema Grade plugin allows you to circumvent the steep learning curve of color grading and gets you high-end looking results in a fraction of the time.

With this NEW way of doing color grading you can click directly on the image to make correction plus get real time previews of your favorite LUTs and presets thus taking out all the guesswork.

You can try it for free for 7 days and get 20% off with code 'youtube20'

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Denver Riddle
CGC Founder & Colorist


Thumbnail photo by Joshua Rondeau / Unsplash
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