Theatre Game #1 - Action Names

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From the Drama Menu collection, here is theatre game #1; Action Names. This is a first session staple that encourages players to play an active part in the session from the get-go and provides a valuable opportunity to learn the names of new members in a fun and physical, quick-fire exercise. If you are looking for ideas for drama / drama lesson plans / theatre games ideas; Drama Menu offers a comprehensive collection of theatre games, drama games, improv ideas, fun warm ups, group warm ups, performance exercises and ideas for acting. The uniquely structured book allows readers to quickly and easily create a drama lesson plan that will enthuse and inspire each performing arts student. Find out more about Drama Menu, "The Three Course Approach To Theatre Games" and find drama lesson plans, theatre game inspiration, energy games, improv ideas, drama games, theatre games and much more at . . . Keep visiting our Drama Menu You Tube channel for new drama lesson inspiration, theatre games, drama exercises, improv games, drama games and ideas for drama teaching being added each week. . . Drama Menu is written by Glyn Trefor-Jones, founder of The Academy Of Performing Arts () and published by Nick Hern Books. To buy the book visit or
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