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Our story so
We are a UK based, leading innovative experts in designing creative tools for vector designers that significantly save time, boost creativity and achieve refined results and we’ve been doing this since 2006.

We lead the way with cutting-edge design software — we bring back the fun to drawing whilst making it far easier to meet tight deadlines and make on the fly changes. We pride ourselves in helping you with any questions you may have, from the technical to the simple.

Astute Graphics is driven by its employees who demonstrate a passion for continuously enhancing your design workflow. We invest time in finding out what you really need and with our wealth of creativity and resourcefulness we are able to bring out a steady stream of releases each year based on that user feedback. In 2019 we made a decision to change to a more affordable subscription service with continued updates to all our products. We delivered a new Astute Manager to give you full control over your plugins and a new team licence management system for larger studios and corporates. We also introduced 4 brand new plugins into our suite over the last 12 months giving Illustrator more functionality to enable you to work faster, smarter and more creatively with our suite of 19 time saving tools.

Well established with an enviable reputation in our field, this has led to strong alliances with key partners such as Adobe, X-Pen and Wacom. Our tools are used by thousands of designers from all different walks of life, from individual freelancers to large corporations. We have deep values and ethics to conduct our business responsibly and fairly both with our valued clients and suppliers.

We are Astute Graphics and we’re all about vectors in illustrator! View our 100's of learning videos, webinars and how-to videos on our Youtube Channel. To download your FREE 7 day full trial, visit: We also offer a 7 day money back guarantee!
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