Two Free VSt Plugins

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Here is two wonderful Vst Compressor plugins totally free

1. MJUC jr. - variable-tube* compressor by klanghelm
It's a variable-mu** design with lots of vibe. capable of smooth leveling but also heavy pumping effects. With its two gain stages and interstage transformer simulation it offers a very deep and lively soundstage.
The three-position timing switch not only controls the attack and release times of the unit, but also the slew rate of the transformers and the timing of the other parts of the circuitry, that are directly influencing the generated harmonics (saturation).
2. SLAX by Sonic Anomaly
SLAX is a vintage compressor loosely inspired by the famous Teletronix LA-2A. It has an agressive and dark character, which suits well for vocals, drums and acoustic guitars.
Gain: The output level.
Peak: The amount of compression.
Emphasis: The amount of high frequency influence in the sidechain. Smooths out sibilants.
Comp/Lim: Alters the speed, ratio and knee of compression.
Overflow: The output limiter indicator turns on when output exceedes No signal can get past

1. MJUC jr. - variable-tube* compressor by klanghelm

2. SLAX by Sonic Anomaly
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