VINTERSEA - Crack of Light (Official Music Video)

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VINTERSEA - Crack of Light (Official Music Video). Taken from the album 'Illuminated', available now via M-Theory Audio.

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Video produced, directed, and edited by Karl Whinnery of Hotkarlproductions.

VINTERSEA proudly endorses Balaguer Guitars.

VINTERSEA proudly endorses Galaxy Audio in-ear monitoring products.

All music and lyrics by VINTERSEA. VINTERSEA is Avienne, Riley Nix, Jorma Spaziano, Jeremy Spencer, and Karl Whinnery.

Featuring David Albert Floratos on saxophone.

Engineered and mixed by Gabe Johnston at Falcon Recording Studio.

Mastered by Troy Glessner at SPECTRE Mastering.

The Queen: Avienne
The Oracle: Pixie LePêche
The Handmaiden: Candice Louise Nix
The Omega: Karl Whinnery
The Betrayer: Jorma Spaziano
The Seeker: Jeremy Spencer
The Goliath: Riley Nix
The Flag Bearer: Kirby Nix
The Fallen: Freddy Heath
The Siren: David Albert Floratos

Special Thanks:
Freddy Heath, Josh Whinnery, Paula Lawrence, Phyllis Barton, Stephanie Stach, Sherrie Jones Spaziano, Rylan Woodrow, Kirby Nix, Candice Louise Nix, Jordan and Kimberly Hockensmith, Sarah Jane, James Sweet.

Filmed at the Alvord Desert in Oregon on public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Managements, Burns District Office.

Filmed at Polar Berry Farms in Washington County, Oregon.

Additional Location Scouting Courtesy of HiOregon.

Waiting for the Sun
Reaching for the One
Searching for the Secret
Fell into your Deepest

Step on the bridge of the dawn
End of the secret
Igniting the sky with the one
Hope that has failed to die

The rumbling earth shakes our thoughts
Casting dark shadows
The peril that we live lives on
Unleashing the wicked
Lies! Deceit! The end of retreat!
Waves upon us collide
Is this our fate?
A world without light?
Can we carry on?

Roaring crack of light
Is raging in our souls
Fading of father’s might
Suffer in demise

Carry me
From this dream
Watch it all
Crumble and fall

Roaring crack of light
Is raging in our souls
Failing of father’s light
Suffer in demise

Carry me
From this dream
Watch it all
Crumble and fall
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