What's Going on with All the Game & Server Issues in Fallout 76? | Let's Talk About...

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Game crashes & server issues have become the most concerning problem in Fallout 76 ever since Update 23 went live. It all started with an increase of game crashes, but it quickly spread to servers as well. Right now, players are quite enraged at Bethesda for their lack of communication and action. It has been a month and nothing has been done to put an end to all the server issues in Fallout 76. In fact, players have been reporting all sorts of issues now. It's a hot mess. Besides Fallout 76 server crashes, players are now experiencing endless loading screens, unplayable lag, gray main menu play buttons, and new strange bugs. The Fallout 76 server issues seem to have no end at this point.

The Fallout 76 servers have never been as unstable as they are Just a few weeks before the Steel Dawn DLC goes live. Now, why are servers crashing so much? Will things get better with the new DLC? What's causing the lack of stability & performance? Why isn't Bethesda addressing the problem? Let's Talk All of that!


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00:00 - Intro
01:57 - 1. It Started With Game Crashes
03:57 - 2. Then the Server Issues Began
05:28 - 3. Endless New Issues & Bugs
07:45 - 4. Stash & Budget Cheating
10:06 - 5. Dupe Glitches & Hacks
11:43 - 6. XP Farm Glitches are Not Far Behind
13:27 - 7. What are the Main Reasons for Server Crashes?
16:31 - 8. Bethesda is Unable to Fix The Issue (Until Now)
18:46 - 9. Will Things Improve with Steel Dawn?
20:58 - Final Thoughts & Outro
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