Yakuza Like A Dragon PS5 - FULL GAME WALKTHROUGH (see desc for details) - PART 23

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This video shows the gameplay and walkthrough of the new Yakuza game: Yakuza Like a Dragon on the PS5 in 4K60p. This video covers how the floors 18 to 30 were defeated at the Sotenbori Battle Arena. I was in the middle of Chapter 12 when we were taken to the arena and this sort of got me hooked so I completed it. Also get the trophy the "Heir to the legend" for completing all 30 floors. Most of these fights seemed to be pretty easy as compared to some other boss fights. Note - I think I missed floor 22nd since i missed pressing record in between. All others are there.
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In the next part of the gameplay Part 24 - Chapter 12 continues and we face two legendary characters of the Tojo clan - Majima and Saejima when Ichiban and the team try to reach Arakawa at the Omi HQ. This fight was pretty epic and these two guys were hard. Please checkout part 24 of the gameplay at:
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